What’s In My Bag? Key Equipment and Gear

In this video I go through the key equipment and gear in my landscape photography bag and what I use in my general workflow. The ‘What’s in my bag?’ video is a right of passage for all photography youtubers…. Follow […]

Finding a Brand New Location

On a cold and windy January morning I hike into a remote Isle of Man mountain valley to explore an old picturesque Shepherd’s herding pen which I’ve never visited before. The hike provides me with a rarely seen landscape photography […]

Focus Stacking a Waterfall

Glen Dhoo is a bit of a hidden Isle of Man gem. I was there for pretty much the entire morning on this landscape photography trip and didn’t see another soul! The secluded valley contains a beautiful scattering of old […]

Focus Stacking

Shooting Coastal Mist

The famous Isle of Man Manannan’s Cloak is a coastal mist which blows in off the Irish Sea bathing the island in a veil of fog. This only happens occasionally but if you’re lucky enough to experience it, it can […]

Exploring Snow Covered Ruins

In my first Isle of Man landscape photography video I set off to capture some landscape shots of a snow covered ruined farm house on the slopes of the second highest mountain on the Isle of Man, North Barrule. Snow […]

Isle of Man Landscape Photography

Nikon D850

Well I’ve now said goodbye to my D750, packed it up and sold it on Ebay. Hopefully the new owner gets as much joy from it as I did but a new photography chapter begins in earnest! I’m pleased to […]

New camera purchase is good to go

I’ve had my Nikon D750 since 2014 and it has served my very well during that time. I’ve taken it all over the world including trips to Borneo, Myanmar, Patagonia and on my recent journey to Africa. Many of the […]

Hello Instagram, nice to meet you!

I don’t know why but I’ve always been a bit dismissive of Instagram. I think I had always had in down in my head that it was filled with terrible photos and vacuous content. My recent experiences have proven my […]

Sri Lanka – Booked!

There’s nothing quite like planning ahead when it comes to travel and 2018 is no exception. I’ve just finished booking our next trip for March next year to the tropical Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka. After being war torn […]

The French Alps

Having only just returned from Africa a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be jetting off once again for a short weekend break in the French Alps with family. Having two holidays in such close proximity to each […]