Battling Sub Zero Conditions

The “Beast from the East” winter weather dumped heavy snow over pretty much the whole of Britain…apart of course the Isle of Man! We still however got the brutally cold sub zero conditions and a tiny dusting of the white […]

Star Trail Photography Tutorial

Star trail photography can seem like a daunting undertaking if you’ve never tried it before but it’s a lot easier than many people realise. In this vlog I provide a star trail photography tutorial showcasing my own techniques and approaches […]

Vlogging with the Canon 200d / SL2

This weeks video focuses on landscape photography vlogging with the Canon 200d / SL2. I recently purchased the 200d following my Nikon D850 suffering some damage which potentially puts it out of action for up to 10 weeks. In this […]

Broken Nikon D850 – How did I manage it?

So my beautiful Nikon D850 is broken! Thankfully it’s fixable but it’s going to mean an official Nikon repair process of up to 10 weeks. I’m pretty gutted with myself but accidents happen in photography and it’s just something you […]

How Did I Get This Photo?

An incredible cloud inversion blanketed the Isle of Man recently producing out of this world photographic conditions but typically I was in work wasn’t it?! On this landscape photography trip I set out on a freezing January night to try […]

Catching Golden Hour Light

This week I head into the mountains on a cold winter’s day to catch some lovely golden hour light as it breaks over an old ruined Isle of Man farm house. This landscape photography trip once again reinforces the importance […]

Getting Up Close To Waterfalls

On this trip I hiked down into Dhoon Glen on the Isle of Man on a grey and rainy day to shoot waterfalls up close and personal. This landscape photography trek left me drenched and drained but rewards me with […]

What’s In My Bag? Key Equipment and Gear

In this video I go through the key equipment and gear in my landscape photography bag and what I use in my general workflow. The ‘What’s in my bag?’ video is a right of passage for all photography youtubers…. Follow […]

Finding a Brand New Location

On a cold and windy January morning I hike into a remote Isle of Man mountain valley to explore an old picturesque Shepherd’s herding pen which I’ve never visited before. The hike provides me with a rarely seen landscape photography […]