This year’s Winter

This year’s winter has been generally exceptionally mild which seems to be fitting into a more long term trend of less cold winters. It’s now been a number of years since our last significant snowfall of any kind. It’s clear to me that the frequency of snow events has fallen […]

Patagonia photo processing

I have been busy beavering my way through the thousands of images I captured in South America. Sorting through the images to separate out what I consider to be my favourite shots and takes is an extremely time consuming exercise particularly when I have a perfectionism problem! I may take […]


I’ve just returned from a trip to the southern section of the South American continent also known as Patagonia, split between the countries of Argentina and Chile. What an utterly amazing trip to without doubt one of the most stunning and truly unspoilt regions I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately the world […]

Only a few days away!

I am now only a few days away from my South American adventure! Excited doesn’t go far enough! I will be jetting off to Buenos Aires via Madrid, and then I will jumping on an internal flight down to Bariloche in the Argentinian Lake District region of the country. It’s […]

South America December 2016

My camera is back! Fixed and importantly also cleaned! Nikon have done a good job with the repair and it now looks as good as new. It took about 4 weeks as anticipated so no problems there. It is now 6 weeks until my next trip away so it was […]


I recently had the pleasure of spending a week on the Dalmatian coast of southern Croatia. The trip kick started with some days spent in the popular city break destination of Dubrovnik. The city was exceptionally busy but it was not difficult to understand why. The old town is a […]

Camera Recall

My Nikon D750 has been recalled due to a production issue with the shutter. Apparently the recall has been in place for quite some time but I only learned about it recently. Nikon may need to work on their customer communications there! I have now posted the camera body back […]

Brecon Beacons

I’ve just returned from a short trip to the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park in southern Wales. This national park is probably one of the lesser known ones in the UK compared to the headline grabbers such as the Peak District, Lake District or Snowdonia. However I was blown away […]

The new Computer has arrived…finally!

My new computer has arrived! Very impressed with it so far. It seems very speedy and boots in about 10 seconds with its SSD drive. I’ve taken this opportunity to upgrade to Adobe’s CC package with a new version of Photoshop and for the first time Lightroom which I must […]

New computer is on its way

Following the death of my computer I was presented with the dilemma of whether to try and repair or replace altogether – well a new computer is on its way! I guess that answers that then! I’ve gone for a fairly high spec machine in the hope that it will […]