James Brew

I am a 32 year old Isle of Man photographer with a passion for capturing enduring landscape images and travelling the stunning world in which we live. My home island, the Isle of Man, cannot be considered exotic like many other destinations I have visited thus far, yet it still packs a significant punch in the photography stakes in my opinion. This beautiful Island has provided the perfect platform in which to develop my landscape photography skills. My travels have taken me all over the world from the deserts of Namibia to the rain-forests of Borneo to the foot of Mt Everest.

My photographic journey first began in 2006 with my first camera (Fuji Finepix E900) purchased for a trip to South Africa. This trip ignited a combined passion for photography and travel which has had a profound impact on sculpting my life ever since. The galleries on this site are designed to showcase the full range of my photographic work from locations close to home but also from various trips to far flung and adventurous corners of the world.

All photos on this site are for sale as prints on a variety of mediums and my photographic services are available for hire for bespoke landscape/location shoots.

For more information on any of my pictures or what I can offer you please feel free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries.

Isle of Man photographer