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Vlogging with the Canon 200d / SL2

This weeks video focuses on landscape photography vlogging with the Canon 200d / SL2. I recently purchased the 200d following my Nikon D850 suffering some damage which potentially puts it out of action for up to 10 weeks. In this […]

What’s In My Bag? Key Equipment and Gear

In this video I go through the key equipment and gear in my landscape photography bag and what I use in my general workflow. The ‘What’s in my bag?’ video is a right of passage for all photography youtubers…. Follow […]

Nikon D850

Well I’ve now said goodbye to my D750, packed it up and sold it on Ebay. Hopefully the new owner gets as much joy from it as I did but a new photography chapter begins in earnest! I’m pleased to […]

New camera purchase is good to go

I’ve had my Nikon D750 since 2014 and it has served my very well during that time. I’ve taken it all over the world including trips to Borneo, Myanmar, Patagonia and on my recent journey to Africa. Many of the […]

New lens

A few years ago I visited Namibia which offered some absolutely spectacular wildlife photography opportunities. However the experience showcased some of the limitations of my equipment. My standard 28-300 Nikon travel lens is a great portable all-rounder but its performance […]

Camera Recall

My Nikon D750 has been recalled due to a production issue with the shutter. Apparently the recall has been in place for quite some time but I only learned about it recently. Nikon may need to work on their customer […]

The new Computer has arrived…finally!

My new computer has arrived! Very impressed with it so far. It seems very speedy and boots in about 10 seconds with its SSD drive. I’ve taken this opportunity to upgrade to Adobe’s CC package with a new version of […]

New computer is on its way

Following the death of my computer I was presented with the dilemma of whether to try and repair or replace altogether – well a new computer is on its way! I guess that answers that then! I’ve gone for a […]

Myanmar Photography

I returned back a few weeks ago from a trip to South East Asia to undertake some Myanmar Photography. Its a very unique and fascinating country delivering huge amounts of photography potential. It has very much been cut off from […]