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Summer Seascapes | Landscape Photography

I’ve been going through a bit of a weird period with my Landscape Photography lately. Unless weather, lighting and natural conditions align perfectly with preconceived shot ideas, then I’ve not been going out. This has basically resulted in me not […]

Shooting Rapeseed Fields | Landscape Photography

Bright sunny days are in many ways the worst weather conditions for landscape photographers. Having missed my morning 4am alarm for an early sunrise I thought long and hard about effective locations that I could still visit during the harsh […]

Exploring Remote Woodland Ruins

This week’s landscape photography vlog follows my hike into dense and isolated woodlands in the hills of the Isle of Man searching for forgotten ruins deep in the forest. This is a corner of the island I have never visited […]

Tracking down Isle of Man wallabies!

In this video I visit the Curraghs which is a large and untamed wetland area in the north of the Isle of Man. The Curraghs is perhaps best known for its ‘wild’ population of wallabies…yep, you read that right. A […]

Battling Sub Zero Conditions

The “Beast from the East” winter weather dumped heavy snow over pretty much the whole of Britain…apart of course the Isle of Man! We still however got the brutally cold sub zero conditions and a tiny dusting of the white […]

Star Trail Photography Tutorial

Star trail photography can seem like a daunting undertaking if you’ve never tried it before but it’s a lot easier than many people realise. In this vlog I provide a star trail photography tutorial showcasing my own techniques and approaches […]

How Did I Get This Photo?

An incredible cloud inversion blanketed the Isle of Man recently producing out of this world photographic conditions but typically I was in work wasn’t it?! On this landscape photography trip I set out on a freezing January night to try […]