Discovering an EPIC WATERFALL | Landscape Photography

In this week’s vlog I make the most of some rainy weather to visit some stunning waterfall locations around the Isle of Man to capture long exposures of them in beautiful full flow. The first location I visit is Glen Wyllin on the west coast of the island where I hunt for my ideal composition of a simple yet very pretty cascade. This is just the starter though to the main course that’s to come…!

After here I head into the mountains in search of a brand new waterfall which I’ve never photographed and is actually so remote and difficult to reach, that few people have likely ever photographed it full stop. What I discover totally blows me away and is now my de facto ‘Favourite Waterfall on the Isle of Man’. I felt like a proper explorer in this vlog and it’s moments like these that really underline why I love landscape photography as much as I do. Join me on my journey to these wonderful locations and I’ll explain my settings, composition approach and some practical tips for waterfall landscape photography.

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Shot 1 – f11, 1 second, ISO 64, 22mm, Circular Polariser, 2 image focus stack 4:42

Shot 2 – f11, 1/2 second, ISO 64, 18mm, Circular Polariser, 2 stop soft edge ND grad, 3 image focus stack 9:13

Shot 3 – f14, 1/2 second, ISO 64, 18mm, 2 image focus stack 11:52

Nikon D850
Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5G
Lee Circular Polariser
Lee 2 stop soft edge graduated filter
Mefoto Globetrotter Tripod
Canon 200d (vlog footage)
Canon 18-55mm STM lens (vlog footage)
Takstar SGC-598 Shotgun Microphone (vlog footage)


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