Mobile Phone Landscape Photography – Samsung S9 Plus

I’ve always looked down on mobile phone cameras as inferior to my my main gear but in this video I do some testing to see if my opinions are now dated. I have recently purchased a Samsung S9 Plus which has one of the best mobile phone cameras on the market. So how good is it really and is mobile phone landscape photography now a credible thing? I travel to a nearby woodland to put the Samsung S9 Plus through it’s paces by photographying a waterfall. I then take the images back to post processing and review the quality. So will I change my mind….you’ll have to watch to find out.

As always thanks very much for watching. Any likes, comments or subscribes are very much welcome. I would in particular love to hear about your thoughts on mobile phone landscape photography and the Samsung S9 Plus. Thanks 🙂

Shot – f2.4, 1/8 second, ISO50, 26mm (10 images combined into one exposure to give silky long exposure water)

Samsung S9 Plus Camera
MeFOTO Globetrotter Tripod
Canon 200d (vlog footage)
Canon 18-55mm STM lens (vlog footage)
Takstar SGC-598 Shotgun Microphone (vlog footage)

Location –

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